Drive engagement and income with streamlined credit card applications in an omni-channel platform

Don’t just compete with big banks—create an elevated consumer experience that invigorates your relationships.

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Embed card details in the application 

Solidify the connection by embedding important card details directly in the application process— intuitively and quickly.
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Display card details in a compliant way

Provide peace of mind for your loan officers and consumers by displaying credit card rates, terms, and provisions compliantly in a digital format.
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Allow consumers to pay off external credit cards

In the future, allow consumers to pay off external credit cards, creating a path to financial responsibility and a deeper relationship.
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Inside Insights

"Credit unions are uniquely positioned to provide dignified, affordable and inclusive financial services."

-Keith Dunlap, Director, Advantedge Digital

And all of the power of the AdvantEdge Digital lending experience

  • Human-centered design: An intuitive experience for both the consumer and the loan officer, built and refined to close more loans.
  • Single sign-on with home banking: Enhance security and ease of use.
  • Pre-filled data: Use credit union data and other sources to increase accuracy and speed.
  • Secure document upload portal: Exchange important documents quickly and securely.
  • SmartQueue: Helps loan officers manage their workflow with updated loan status information.
  • Application mirroring: Omni-channel capability for loan officers to aid or take over the application at any point.
  • Payment protection products: Ability to cross-sell payment protection products within the application process.
  • Reporting and analytics: Optimize and improve loan processes with real-time insights.

Unlock your digital lending potential