auto lending as service

Optimize the lending experience,
from application to closing to
the driver’s seat

Turn the auto lending process into a delightful experience. Consumers track their loan every step of the way and use tools like the Loan Simulator to explore different variables and terms. Loan officers enjoy complete visibility into loan pipelines, spending less time on paperwork—and more time closing loans.

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Enable consumers to apply, explore and close loans faster

Show monthly payments up front.
Increase consumer confidence with up front rates based on credit union rate tables and a consumer-centered credit profile.

Cross-sell payment protection products.
Make cross-selling easier with integrated payment protection products at the intersection of ready to buy, ready to sell.

Pre-fill known consumer information.
Maximize your competitive advantage by pre-filling consumer data into applications for faster, easier completions.
Configure to fit your credit union.
Configurable loan options help you tailor consumer-centered products and experiences to fit their unique needs.

Screenshot showing loan simulator with large numbers and a side panel.

Drive engagement with the smart, intuitive Loan Simulator

Empower consumers to explore loan variables and terms that fit their budget. The Loan Simulator and other tools make the process conversational and transparent—helping you reduce abandonment rates and close more loans.

Fill fast, accurate data from Kelly Blue Book and NADA integrations

Choose to seamlessly partner with Kelly Blue Book and NADA for accurate vehicle value information—included upfront and based on zip codes to give consumers an instant understanding of their loan parameters.

Protect consumers with GAP and Mechanical Repair Coverage

Embedded (in app) GAP and Mechanical Repair Coverage product placement offerings help generate additional non-interest income and improve financial stability for your consumers.

And all of the power of the AdvantEdge Digital lending experience

  • Human-centered design: An intuitive experience for both the consumer and the loan officer, built and refined to close more loans.
  • Single sign-on with home banking: Enhance security and ease of use.
  • Pre-filled data: Use credit union data and other sources to increase accuracy and speed.
  • Secure document upload portal: Exchange important documents quickly and securely.
  • SmartQueue: Helps loan officers manage their workflow with updated loan status information.
  • Application mirroring: Omni-channel capability for loan officers to aid or take over the application at any point.
  • Payment protection products: Ability to cross-sell payment protection products within the application process.
  • Reporting and analytics: Optimize and improve loan processes with real-time insights.

Unlock your digital lending potential