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Jeff Allen

Director, User Experience

Over a span of more than 25 years, Jeff has helped design, develop and commercialize some of the world's most engaging technology platforms for companies such as Microsoft (Xbox Live), Redbox and WMS Gaming. Jeff has successfully launched multiple startup ventures and is a named inventor on 35 issued patents for concepts ranging from authentication, to multiplayer gaming, to family safety settings.

Most recently, Jeff has devoted his attention to helping service-based legacy industries effectively evolve for the digital era. His success in these endeavors is due largely to Jeff's innate appreciation for human-centered design. He believes the best solutions come from an intense understanding of users and their challenges, not the shiniest technology of the moment. His mantra is: "Love the problem, not your solution."

For AdvantEdge Digital, Jeff manages the full product lifecycle. This includes strategy, roadmap and feature definition. He is keenly focused on delivering measurable value to end-users, which in our case are both credit union leaders and the members they serve.

Reflecting on his entry into the credit union space, Jeff said, "I've been fortunate to achieve a lot of my career ambitions. Being able to apply my expertise in digital transformation to an industry hyper-focused on providing financial security for everyone is a wonderful opportunity to truly make a difference."

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

When he's not building the next big thing in data analytics, he's likely heads down, working feverishly toward an October 31 deadline. A Halloween extremist, Jeff applies his product builder mindset to crafting the spookiest house on the block. It's a project that becomes exponentially more spine-chilling with each passing year.

Data nerd-tastic fact about Jeff: He has a strong curiosity about technology's influence on human behavior. His first exposure to the phenomenon came shortly after he built the world's first video arcade gaming network to connect players located in different cities around the U.S. Not only did the gamers gather to virtually compete; many of them formed local alliances to their arcade and traveled hours to meet IRL (in real life). Delightfully unexpected. Jeff's Xbox gamertag, by the way, is Q.