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Founder & CEO, Entrepreneurial Technologies

Starting and growing a successful business in the field of technology isn’t easy. It’s especially hard when you launch your business on the cusp of one of the most destructive recessions in U.S. history, get diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease and oh yeah - don’t look like a tech entrepreneur is ‘supposed' to look. But Erin Rollenhagen has never been afraid to go against the grain. She made a name for herself at age 14 when a protest that she led against misogynistic behavior at her middle school drew national media attention. She carried that rebel spirit into her career as a tech entrepreneur, founding a company on the premise that technology doesn’t have to be cold and heartless. In 2019, she released Soul Uprising: It’s Never Just Business, a book that encourages entrepreneurs and business leaders to trust their purpose and embrace impact as the true measure of success.

Erin began her technology career as a programmer with a small software firm before founding Entrepreneurial Technologies in 2007. As CEO she is passionate about building the right environment and processes for the ET team to do its best possible work. She also assists with system architecture and design. 

Erin is active in the community and was the 2018 Chairwoman of the Board of the Technology Association of Iowa, has served on the Executive Committee of the Future Ready Iowa Alliance, and the state Computer Science Working Group. Erin is a proud graduate of the University of Iowa. She lives in the Des Moines area with her beloved corgi, Bruno.
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