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VP, Partnerships & Growth

No one knows and serves their members like credit unions.

But when branch visits are declining and the competition is as likely to be a technology giant as a bank, credit unions can't rely on traditional in-person or telephone interactions to understand their members' needs. They've got to leverage their data across all channels. And Brian Bodell is just the person to help them do that.

Brian believes data provides credit unions with tremendous opportunities to better serve members. Or, as he likes to say, "Credit unions need a data strategy to serve, grow and compete—period."

Before joining our team, Brian was the CEO of Finivation Software, a real-time integration platform and software development company with a nearly two-decade history of working with credit unions and leading technology partners.

Brian's other previous positions included VP of global channel development for Fiserv and President at qbt Systems, a banking technology resource. Ever forward-looking, he also serves on the advisory board for CULedger—a CUSO focused on distributed ledger technology—and the CUFX steering committee—an initiative focused on reducing integration time and costs for credit unions.

In short: No matter the credit union data and systems integration challenge, Brian's likely already taken a deep dive into understanding and solving it.

Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont and is currently getting his Masters in Cybersecurity from George Washington University.

When he's not headed to the airport for a business trip Brian's probably headed there for a long flight with his family. He loves global travel and describes himself as a "very adventurous eater." Brian admits to a love of sweetbreads, sea urchin and sea cucumber (please Google for a full appreciation of these seemingly benign delicacies).

Data nerd-tastic fact about Brian: He's currently pursuing a Master's degree in cybersecurity "for fun." Brian is fascinated by the role data plays in improving security—for things like fraud detection and authentication—and can't wait to spend his free time learning more.