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Solution Sales Consultant

Ready to start your data journey but not quite sure where you should be headed or the steps to make it happen?

It's time to call Aaron Grossman.

Aaron would love to meet your staff, learn about your credit union and your members, and walk you through the process of creating a data and digital transformation for your organization.

A long-time credit union member, Aaron has fond memories of his childhood credit union and the feeling that it always seemed to know and understand him. He's thrilled to help credit unions uncover and use data insights that can establish that same kind of connection for today's members.

Aaron joined AdvantEdge Digital after successful careers with Oracle and IBM. There he honed both his data analytics knowledge and client service skills and showed dozens of companies how to use data to make informed decisions.

Aaron has always been interested in connections and structure and holds bachelor's degrees in sociology and architecture from the University of Virginia.

When he's not tackling a client's data challenges, you'll probably find Aaron outside-no matter the weather. Aaron loves to get away from his desk and head outdoors. You'll typically find him playing sports, checking out a great new restaurant or hanging out with his faithful companion Tucker, his Blue Lacy.

Data nerd-tastic fact about Aaron: He loves fantasy sports and has spent more hours than he'd care to tally up playing fantasy football, basketball and baseball. Aaron admits to relying on luck when he first started playing. But once he realized the competition was using data and analytics to make their draft picks, he quickly changed his strategy (and even relied on a software developer buddy to build him a spread sheet).

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