3-Part Series: Applying the Principles of Human-Centered Design to Your Credit Union's Innovation Strategy

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Before the pandemic, our innovation team set out to build a solution specifically for the credit union movement. Although we couldn’t have known it at the time, the approach to solution design we ultimately chose had all the right properties to keep our project on track – even through the unprecedented disruptions of COVID-19.

Our team curated the approach by selecting a set of human-centered design principles and slotting them into a custom process suited to our organization’s culture and goals. The six-step process was developed to help us deliver a user-centric, omnichannel solution that would ultimately support credit unions in helping members achieve greater financial security.

Following two years of working within the framework, we began to see expansive opportunities for credit unions to emulate certain aspects of the strategy to drive growth through strategic innovation. Through a three-part series, we walk through each of the six elements of our human-centered design framework while also providing practical tips for credit union innovators.

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