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Webinar: Non-Traditional Players in Financial Services: Friend or Foe

2:00 PM -
3:00 PM CDT
Avatar for Steve Heusuk
Steve Heusuk
Senior Manager, Consumer Intelligence, CunaMutualGroup

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Pouring the Foundation of Your Data House

Avatar for Amanda Pelata
Amanda Pelata
Metadata Analyst, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU)

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Applying the Principles of Human-Centered Design to Your Credit Union’s Innovation Strategy

Avatar for Micheal Herman
Micheal Herman

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Webinar: Impact of Embedded Finance

11:00 AM -
12:00 PM CDT
Avatar for David Galbraith
David Galbraith
Designer & Internet Entrepreneur

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Using AI to Strike the Right Balance Between Innovation and Risk

Avatar for Ben Weismer
Ben Weismer
Director, Product Innovation

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Webinar: Building Trust Across Digital and Human Connections

2:00 PM -
3:00 PM CDT
Avatar for Erin Rollenhagen
Erin Rollenhagen
Founder & CEO, Entrepreneurial Technologies

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Webinar: Using Targeted Data to Deepen Member Engagement

2:00 PM -
3:00 PM CDT
Avatar for Phil Huynh
Phil Huynh
Senior Outbound Engagment Manager
Angelito "Jojo" Cristobal
AVP, Sales & Service, Pacific Service Credit Union
Avatar for Angelito "Jojo" Cristobal

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Doubling Down on One-to-One Service in the Digital Era

Avatar for Cathy Hufstetler
Cathy Hufstetler
SVP of Lending, 121 Financial Credit Union

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Car Sales Are Still Happening. Here’s How Credit Unions Can Stay in the Financing Game.

Avatar for Vicki Potter
Vicki Potter
Senior Analytics Performance Manager

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CUNA Mutual Group’s AdvantEdge Analytics Becomes AdvantEdge Digital, Debuts New Suite of SaaS Solutions to Empower Credit Unions and Consumers

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Taking Ownership of Ethical, Inclusive Analytics Development

Avatar for Shazia Manus
Shazia Manus
SVP, Experience Capabilities, CunaMutualGroup

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How to Use the Data You Already Have to Help Members Cope with COVID-19

Avatar for Emily Engstrom
Emily Engstrom
Director, Customer Success

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